Don D’s Campground Buyer eNews - June 2015

(If interested in grabbing Ownership of a Campground this season,
Read closely these good deals! AND, how much it
could cost you to NOT by one!)

Notice several listings are
Missing! That’s because they are Under Agreement or SOLD!

Remember my Cautionary Tale.

If you put off purchasing a campground that Grosses 200,000 and increases it’s Gross by 10% per year; over the course of ten years, you would have “lost” the benefit of an approximate total amount of $200,000 PLUS the loss of approximately $100,000 of increased valuation of your campground (beyond the significant increase that you would have realized at the end of ten years. )
AND, the $200,000 in Gross you would have made if purchased this year!

Folks – that’s a total of $500,000 just because you didn’t act quickly enough!!

Another important point, especially for a late-in-the-season purchase. If there are a lot of seasonal campers, in many cases you will be receiving SIGNIFICANT deposits from the all year. Example: 100 seasonals @ $2,000/season paying over the Winter just 1/2 of their following season’s fee, would result in an additional 100,000 coming in during the Winter!

I KNOW that it has been a l-o-o-o-n-g Winter – but $500,000 – or more, could be at stake based on whether you by this year - - on not!

Some of you have come out, already. One just Closed on June 4th. Another is scheduled for June 30th. And, another around Aug. 1st.

NEW LISTING: MAJOR TOURIST REGION – Attractive Setting. Good mix of sites.
50 acres. 100+ sites. 15s + 30s to all electrical sites. Some have 50s. Wi-Fi.
Main building with store/office, 2 function rooms, Pleasant Rest Rooms,. 25’ X 45’ in-ground pool. Well-maintained laundry room, Safari Area, Barbecue Area, lots of Grassy Play Area for kids,
2 Residences, more. Shouldn’t last long even if a little late for the main buying season. Gross - $200,000 range. Price: $775,000

Special Short-Term Price Reduction Buyer Inducements:

1) Special 2-week Offer. An acceptable Contract in hand with a Closing Date of July30-ish and the Owner will reduce the Selling Price by $100,000. AND, Buyer will be receiving ½ of the Seasonal Campers Income of approx.. $80,000! At Closing!! Plus some quality equipment to be included. You MUST ACT NOW! Price is 1,395,000. Owner will drop to 1,295,000. Gross Income – in excess of 300,000. Owners willing to train before Closing to help the Buyer be better prepared for take-over. Will also stay on for continued assistance for a reasonable amount of time.

175 sites – 80+ acres, near major lake, large pool, both wooded and open settings, great restrooms, quality sewer and electrical services, quality store, laundry an, pavilion and activity areas. Large Owner’s apt. . Large body of seasonal campers for guaranteed income. Winter Program. Direct highway travel to major metropolitan areas. The Region is famous for both it’s natural and man-made attractions – always many things to do – year-round.

2) Another Special Offer. Owner also offering a reduction in price for a fast Contract and Closing. A Reduction of $100,000 in the Selling Price. Plus a Mid-Season Closing should find the Buyer on the receiving end of approx.. $50,000 in Deposits.This unusual, multi-income facility does most of it’s business during the second half of the Summer and in the Fall so a Buyer would walk into the prime income time!

100 sites, over 150 Old Town canoes and kayak rentals. One of the busiest operations on the most popular recreational river in New England. Very nice home looking over some of their 1,000’ of river frontage. An extensively upgraded facility, a point in which the present owner takes great pride, complete with upgraded sites, equipment to transport the canoes and service the property, nice store, LOTS MORE.

If you love the outdoors have a little yearning for adventure, the unusual and a strong desire for an unusual opportunity to increase the Campground’s Gross Income, dramatically – then call me or, better yet, e-mail me for more particulars and to schedule a viewing.. The canoe rental is not as tedious as it may sound, trained employees do almost all of the transporting – and only for short distances up the road. WAS: $1,250,000. Short Term Drop to $1,150,000.


- Was: $895,000. NOW: Only $745,000! Looking for the Unusual? Like a business that has more than one way to make money? This may be what you’ve been looking for! A FAMOUS historic Geological LANDMARK that has been visited by thousands for over 75 years, is now available for you to purchase! I visited it as a kid umpty-ump years ago!) Tours, campground, pool, gift shop and much more. Many additional opportunities to add your own profit centers. Residence included. This is one of my all-time favorite listings. Located in a MAJOR tourist town, arguably the most “tourist-ed” town in Central New England! These type of properties rarely come “on the market”: this is a RARE Chance – to – own a truly One – Of - A – KIND FUN Multi-Income business!

- Affordable for most. ONLY $549,000! Currently w/ 60+ mostly large sites. Permitted for 76 sites. Plus 2 year-round rental units. Pretty, natural pond
plus swimming pool. Add a rec hall, playground, small store, large vehicle/maintenance building and a 2-story quaint and interesting residence and with visibility from one of the State’s major tourist routes and with plenty of UPSIDE, makes this a very interesting package that should not be available long! Both Lakes and Mountains are nearby. Intriguing location!

- A great family multi-income property. A GREAT opportunity for folks looking for more than just a campground business. Here is an OUTSTANDING facility for you. Location – Outstanding. Major 4-season tourist route. Fishing river plus pool. Several year-round quality rental units, 3 residences plus an extremely popular quality fast food and country store business. Imagine taking the “country store” onto internet sales. Perhaps one could end up like a Vermont Country Store business. Or just run it on-site with family members or yourself. Strong Gross can easily be increased. A STRONG opportunity. All of this for

- Recent price reduction. Now only $565,000. 70 sites, many pool improvements, several rental un ts, rec hall, GREAT barbecue equipment, small pond, attractive residence, 2 car garage plus workshop. Lots of seasonals for guaranteed income. A new State ORV trail is nearby. Beaches only 20-30 min away. Nice package for a beginner or “retiree” or anyone who just wants a relatively small, easy-to-manage campground. (Seasonals make for easy operations.) Should be gone soon.

- One of western NY’s well-kept secrets! (Except to their campers.)
$4,100,000. 400 sites, 30 acres of water, two 250’ beaches, quality full hook-ups, many large sites, a new large building with restaurant, multi-activity area and storage; store, ice cream take-out, game building, 3 residences including a small farm, lots of currently tilled land waiting to be converted into a golf course or other activities.

If you are a multi-park Owner; this could be your FLAG-SHIP PARK!

If you are a serious Campground/RV Park Buyer ready to because an Owner/operator – you can still get in by mid-season. PLUS with most parks you will also be receiving significant payments from seasonals all Winter as they make payments for the 2016 season sites.

Call me and put me to the challenge of making you a campground Owner THIS year!

Don Dunton
Dunton Commercial Properties 435 Governor’s Rd
Milton, NH 03851


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Don D’s Campground Buyer eNews

Don D’s Campground Buyer eNews

In Loving Memory

Christopher K. Dunton
May 16, 1961 - August 25. 2013
Eldest Son

Kids are back in school, the Red Sox are in the Playoffs,  the Government, at this writing, has been shut down, Obama-Care is taking Applications, the Foliage is beautiful this year and the Fryeburg Fair is opening!. What a GREAT time to look at (and/or) buy a campground.  Some Owners will allow you to put it Under Contract for a Spring purchase.
The market has gotten quite busy. I currently have two campgrounds Under Contract, another Contract expected in the next 2-3 days along with a couple of other Buyers getting very serious on two more of my Listings.
What does this mean to you. More Buyers = fewer available Listings. If you really want to own a campground by next Spring, you should start LOOKING – NOW! There are never many choices that will meet your  ten criteria, and the more active the market becomes then, obviously, the fewer your campground choices will be as others grab them up ahead of you. (Were you aware that you had ten criteria for purchasing a campground? Some have more. (They never usually buy one.)
NEW LISTING: If you can afford a campground in this price range, then this campground may be for you.
Ocean Frontage – 85+/- sites – 13 rental units including large cabins – restaurant – bar-be-cue facilities for large groups – lobsters – chicken – beef. Indoor seating in the restaurant for over 40; bar-be-cue building seats approx. 80. Lounge - Great open-concept house over-looking the ocean – office/store – rental apartment. Not enough for you? How about 5 residential house lots included. Best lot priced at 119,000. Sell theses – reduce your debt – or have a larger pile of CASH! The metal pier included in this sale is only a few years old and cost in excess of $200,000! All of this – and more - $1,500,000.  You would be challenged to find another! And – there can be only one NEW Owner!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Owner of the $1,395,000, 225 site campground with 120 seasonal campers, has already signed up several new seasonals and state that they are in the process of completing $20,000 in campground upgrades.
AND, should be able to announce a major reduction in Expenses, soon!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Owner of the beautiful camping facility listed at $1,795,000 that includes a quality used 40’ motor home and 175+ sites, SEZ, a quick deal before they go South for the winter would cause them to have some flexibility in the Selling Price. Pool and near large lake and major tourist attractions.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Lakefront: 150 sites, over 100 seasonal campers, several hundred feet of lakefront including sandy beach, pavilion, lots of large cabins, house, near Major Tourist Attractions & more, more and more: Very reasonably priced at only $1,200,000. Lots of seasonals. (Guaranteed income.)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Lakefront: Approx. 100 sites with 60 seasonals, sandy beach, pavilion, POOL, residence. Great Price for a lakefront – only $675,000.
- - - - - - - - -- - - - - -
Lakefront: Currently $850,000. (Price subject to change upward.) 100 sites, 60 seasonals, 600’ of lakefront on a several mile long lake, large residence, boat slips and more. Town Sewer!!! (Can’t guarantee this price won’t increase very soon. Probably condo-able, if interested.
- - - - - - - - - - -
Want a 400 siter? I’ve got one of the BEST. It has EVERYTHING! $4,100,000 including an on site home and a separate farm and 30 acres of water and 500’ of sandy beach and, new multi-function building and 200 seasonal campers, and lots more easily developable land. (Owner wants to put in a golf course. What would you have in mind?)
REAL Campground Buyers will be checking these listings out, now! If some of your Down Payment money is tied up in your house that you’ll have to sell, talk to me about it. We may still be able to do the deal!

Don Dunton
Re Broker, Campground Specialist. (138 Sold!)
There is NO substitute for experience!
603-755-3944 (preferred)  • Articles – Blog - Listings

Don D August E-News

Many of you Campground Buyers are on vacation as you open this up, so I’ll be brief. (When did I ever be that?)
I. Serious Campground Buyers should still be looking for a Fall or Winter Purchase. I’ve listed ten STRONG reasons several times in the past. AND, several of my Listings have YEAR-ROUND INCOME.
II. Here is an additional reason: The Owners of the quality180+ site park with lots and lots of land, nice residence, near large, major lake, excellent facilities including pool, sizable Equipment List, etc, just informed me that they will consider a lower than full price Offer on their beautiful campground if a Buyer steps up and buys it before they leave for Florida in the Fall. And, they will still include a ten-or so year old quality $400,000 motorhome (when new) as a bonus.  (They bought a house in the South after motor-homing for several years.)  How can you pass on THAT OFFER! Listed Price is $1,795,000. Let’s talk.
III. Lakefront Lovers: I currently have 3 LAKEFRONT Listings. $675,000, 850,000 and $1,200,000. ALL are interesting buys! If a serious Buyer, see them now while they are alive., don’t wait until late Fall or Winter.
IV. Prefer Riverfronts? I’ve got them. 2 w/ OUTSTANDING LOCATIONS. One also has a pool! $975,000 & $1,300,000.
V. Want the BIGGEST & The BESTEST!.400 sites, 30 acre pond with a mile of waterfront, 2-250’ sandy beaches, game building, store, ice cream takeout, new, large building will include a restaurant, 2 houses, room for a golf course. Quality throughout. $4,100,000. Unique.
VI. I realize that many of you have children in school and the summer is flying by. I just got a bunch of Back-To-School Flyers in my morning paper, today!
However, if you are empty-nesters, except perhaps for your pets and you are a serious campground Buyer – LOOK NOW! See them in full operation. Talk to me about the MANY BENEFITS of buying in the late Summer/Early Fall. And, YES, there are MANY.
Wow! Only about one page. For more detailed descriptions of my Listings, contact me or check my web site.
Remember, there will be only a very few campgrounds for sale at any one time that will meet your criteria – and there can be only ONE Buyer!
See you at the marsh-mellow roast,
Don D Real Estate Broker, Campground Specialist. 138 SOLD.
(603) 755-3944  (faster reply.)
Two SOLD in JUNE and two others are UNDER AGREEMENT.

Please Note: All information regarding properties has been supplied by the Seller and while believed to be correct, no Broker warranty as to it s accuracy is made or implied and all information is subject to error, omission and Buyer verification either before or during his/her period of Due Diligence prior to purchasing said property. In addition, a Buyer should consult both financial and legal counsel prior to entering into an Agreement on this or any other business property.

Dunton Commercial Properties represent the SELLER, not the Buyer, in the marketing, negotiating and sale of the business and/or property, unless otherwise disclosed in writing; and, therefore, legally represent only the interests of the SELLER.